What Does Montagraph Do For You?

Montagraph is a free platform to give you an easy way to make and share your photo montages (= montagraphs). With its image editing tools you can create your own templates or use someone else's template. Montagraph is the first site in internet that enables people to create and share their templates online. In order to create a template just upload your photo or search with keywords and afterwards remove undesired parts by brushes. Then by using this template you can create your own montagraph gallery. People can comment on, subscribe to, make favorite, rate, post to any social network or use any size of montagraphs. Moreover, even people that are not interested in photo montage can use Montagraph's image editing tools just to edit or share their photos anywhere. This approach gives users the full control over their photo montages and enables them to use or derive new ones from each others public montagraph/templates, therefore, makes it possible for users to make a photo montage in collaboration.

Montagraph is a social network in itself with its member profiles, contacts and messaging abilities. These rich features make Montagraph ideal partner in mobile, printing, advertisement, textile areas. For further information, you can watch our overview and demo videos
here, for news and feature updates please check our blog here.

Our Motto

With montagraph, everyone is a hero not just in their dreams, at least you have a photo as an evidence this time. Being a rock star or posing in front of Leonardo da Vinci or dating with your favorite movie star just in couple of seconds are all possible with Montagraph. It is more than a community, it is a nation : the nation of imagination! Montagraph is all about sharing and creativity so let's begin sharing our imagination.

Melih Gumuscay, the Founder of Montagraph

Melih Gumuscay as the founder of Montagraph, is the mind behind both technical and visual design. He holds BS in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Bilkent University (Ankara). Afterwards, he made MSc degree about image processing in Dokuz Eylul University (Izmir). Melih worked as a team lead in a smart-card startup called Kentkart, which won the best smart card project in transporation award in France. Later he worked as a team lead in several award winner finance & internet banking projects. In his spare time, Melih participated in several painting and photography exhibitions as an artist and was interviewed by Technology TV Channel about his works.


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