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(9/11/2011 5:06:16 AM)
Thanks, is the face of my daughter
(4/3/2011 4:13:38 PM)
(1/26/2011 8:44:27 PM)
Thanks for the comment
(12/22/2010 4:06:46 PM)
Hi Kriz that on December 23, your birthday it passes very nice with the people you love.
(8/24/2010 6:48:40 PM)
Ben, bir çevirmen değil kullanıyorum ne kadar iyi. Ben, kızımın güzel gözlerin de yorumunuzu ekledi. Diye tekrarladı olmalı yayınlanan değildi şablonu çünkü. Selamlar.
(6/6/2010 8:30:33 AM)
Thank you for your compliments.
(5/20/2010 5:16:18 PM)
'The original photo is mounting, I have not given color, it could be that color retouched manually. My father was born in December 1920, and I guess in that photo was about 5 or 4 years.
(5/20/2010 9:45:47 AM)
Kriz pleases me greatly that interested you my mount, as I said in my comment, this has great meaning for me. After I checked the photo comment, that although the original is too old to see that the picture was given color, because the original is li
(4/30/2010 6:34:28 AM)
This collage is made from a photo dating back more or less the year 1924 or 1925. The child is my father, so this picture has great sentimental meaning for me.
(4/30/2010 6:30:27 AM)
Este fotomontaje está hecho con una foto que data mas o menos del año 1924 o 1925. El niño es mi padre, por eso esta fotografía tiene un gran significado sentimental para mi. This collage is made from a photo dating back more or less the year 19

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